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The recent Dance Vision conference in Las Vegas was a whirlwind of fun.


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The whole world has gone mad about dancing nowadays, Latin dances, like Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha, Samba, Mambo and the night Club Style dances are among the most popular today!! From Alaska to Australia, from North Pole to Singapore, from Toronto to Moscow. Born in the Caribbean this child has been adopted in every country.
We could wonder forever why Latin dances and in particular The Salsa is so popular and fun. Perhaps because of the music, or perhaps because of the language, rhythm, tempo, or the mysteries and techniques of the partnership in dancing?....

It doesn't really matter why, or when you try it for the first  time, but for sure, you will find your own reasons to love it, just like the rest of us, come and join the dance community or be part of our dancing family.
But let's stop talking about dancing because it is something you should do in order to make sense.
Come and join our salsa classes in  location near your house.

Yes, you can dance Latin dances
even if you have never danced before. 
Yes, you can come to learn salsa on your own, without a partner.
We will get you a partner for your classes.
Yes, you can come to salsa class in any shoes,
you don't need any special shoes for your first salsa classes.

And yes!!! We are here for you to make YOUR dancing happening. 



Edgar Franco

Edgar Franco founded FD Studios as a means to liberate the dancer inside each and every new student who is hungry to move.

Edgar's unique teaching style, which focuses equally on fun and achievement, is the culmination of his worldwide studies.

From Ecuador he brings the exuberance and free style of street dancing;
from Argentina, the passion of tango;
from Australia, the value of hard work;
from South East Asia, simplicity and patience as both teacher and student;
and from Europe, technique and discipline.

At FD Studios all these elements are brought together, offering students the room to grow at their own pace, and offering challenges as soon as the student sprouts the wings of a dancer.

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.
-Vicki Baum

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